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Alfadan, Inc. has created a new revolutionary, proprietary, and patented engine design that is used for high performance outboard engines.  This engine has 50% fewer moving part. than a standard V8, 50% lower combined weight which results in better efficiency, reliability, and an efficient worldwide service network.  Our design will allow any boat ranging from 35 to 75 feet in length to be powered with a simple twin or triple engine concept versus the four to six engine concepts currently used.


The engine design is an inline four-cylinder engine (i4), which is a proven simple and robust engine platform. Historically, the i4 design has had limited use due to an inherent design problem referred to as secondary imbalance.  Secondary imbalance is an issue caused by the speed variation of the piston as it reaches the top of the cylinder versus the bottom of the cylinder. The piston moves slightly faster at the top, and slightly slower at the bottom, causing a difference in inertia which results in an engine imbalance.


Alfadan has solved this design problem with a patented re-design of the i4 drive train,

allowing Alfadan to produce the first high displacement, 5,500 RPM, inline four-cylinder engine.

The photos are true conceptual renditions based on the data and engineering results from the Mahle Powertrain Feasibility study.  The engine is still in development, final product may differ.

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