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We have completed our Reg CF and Reg A+ and are currently working with accredited investors.  If you are interested in discussing a potential investment in our company, please go to our contact us and send us an email.

Click below to view the previous Reg A+ campaign info.

June 2021





We know it’s been a while since our last update but rest assured, we have been hard at work.

Over the past six months, we successfully completed our legal and financial audits allowing us to launch our Reg A+ offering which is now live at

We would also like to ask that you share this update and great news with friends and family members you feel might be interested in joining us on this great adventure. 

Since you are a current ALFADAN investor, you will receive additional 10% bonus shares if you invest in our Reg A+ offering.

As for the engine development, we have been hard at work with our team at Mahle Powertrain. Over the past six months we have completed several phases of the development process that has resulted in new innovations which further strengthens our intellectual property protection. We have received an additional notice of allowance for a new patent and are currently almost ready to file one additional patent application. 

We have recently made a few minor changes to our website by adding an UPDATES section along with a VIDEOS section. Our goal is to upload monthly videos that will answer many of the questions we have received from investors and followers interested in our revolutionary and game changing outboard engine design. 

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you and I truly look forward to eventually hearing from all of our investors. 

Following please find the next update that will be posted on our campaign page. 

Thanks again for your support and for being part of the ALFADAN team.

“Back to work”


Albert Araujo




Alfadan engine in circle.png

June 2021



Since our last offering, Alfadan has reached multiple milestones:

  • We completed our financial and legal audits and filed Form 1-A, Reg A+ offering.


  • We recently received a Notice of Allowance for an additional patent that protects the overall design concept and have also filed a new patent application for the new innovations that were developed during the last design phase. 


  • We have refined the proprietary designed internal engine components along with all CAD stress analysis and fatigue simulations. These critical components have been designed and optimized in detail to meet the requirements of the application. Most of these component designs will, in part, or wholly be carried over into the following single cylinder prototype phase.


  • We are currently manufacturing our bearing test parts for tribological rig testing along with designing our internal dedicated test rig to validate all engineering  through actual parts testing. We expect actual bearings and parts testing to commence within the next quarter followed by building and testing the first full scale single cylinder prototype engine.

This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

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